Sentinal series hits top twenty of Amazon Bestseller Top 100 lists.

A man searching for his purpose. Another determimed to redeem past failures.

The Sentinal series is a rich and complex story of two men walking the convoluted path set them by Lady Leyandrii, the Goddess of the world of Remargaren.

Jerrol is a King’s Ranger, quiet and tenacious. Birlerion is a Lady’s Sentinal, silent and deadly. Together they will change the history of Remargaren.

This week, the first book in the series, Sentinals Awaken, hit number 13 on the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list for Classic Fantasy ebooks, having consistently been in the top 30 for the past three months. The second book, Sentinals Rising, hit number 10 on the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list for Religious and inspirational Fantasy ebooks.

It is so rewarding to know your books are being enjoyed by many readers and garnering the recognition they deserve. Sentinals Rising also recieved a Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review, you can check it out here!

I am excited to share that I am working on the next book in the Sentinal series, the title of which my Patreon and newsletter subscribers are currently voting on. Want to get involved? Then sign up to my newsletter or Patreon at the link via

There is a lot more happening:

  • Sentinals Rising narration is almost finished and releases on audiobook in September.
  • The first book of my new SoulMist series, SoulBreather, releases in paperback in September, you can add it to your TBR shelf on Goodreads here.
  • Hardcover of SoulBreather will also release in September.
  • SoulBreather ebooks releases as part of the Realm of Darkness Boxset on October 4th. Preorder for 99c now!

I am excited about the release of my new SoulMist series, which is a fantasy romance series about Solanji, a young woman with a secret and Mav, a tortured fallen angel.

SoulBreather is the first book I have written to an extenal deadline and in a new world. So that was a bit scary as well as exciting!

Initial ARC review have beeen positive, in fact, I could say they have been downright enthusiastic, along with demands for book two, which is very reassuring. You can find them on Goodreads!

Interested in learning more about SoulBreather?

If you fall in love with the shadows, does that mean you are fallen too?

A dying angel. A fractured realm. The SoulBreather who might be able to save them both. 

Solanji has a secret. One that is becoming increasingly difficult to keep. She can touch souls and see into a person’s inner thoughts. Soulbreathing is exhilarating and addictive, until the day Solanji caresses the wrong person’s soulmist. 

Dragged into a long forgotten angelic mystery, she is forced to venture into Eidolon, the godforsaken last resort for those without souls. In order to save her brother, she must rescue a broken and tortured man. Can she save him from the shadows? Does he even want to be saved? And can she find a way to return to the light before the darkness engulfs them both?

Follow me on Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub to get notified when SoulBreather releases. I hope you pick up my new book, and enjoy the new world I’m building. There is plenty more to come.

Thank you for joining me on the journey, hope you stay for the aventure!

If you enjoy fantasy books then you will love my epic fantasy Sentinal series. Sign up to my newsletter and download a free novella called Sentinals Stirring and get notified when my next books are published.

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