Come and join the Realm of Darkness Launch Party.

Oct 3rd-9th on Dark Book Boyfriend facebook group

The Realm of Darkness authors are here and ready to party for the Realm of Darkness launch. Everyone is invited! Come join us over on the Dark Book Boyfriends Facebook Group.

Find us partying here all week!!

  • Check out all of the prizes (in the banner) we have on offer this week and that’s only the start. As our sales increase so do the prizes- so share the word!!
    • 6000 sales: $150 Amazon Giftcard
    • 7000 sales: Kindle
    • 8000 sales: $250 Amazon Giftcard
    • 9000 sales: Nook
    • 10000 sales: iPad
    • 12000 sales: $500 Amazon Giftcard
  • The more you interact on the posts and invite people to join the party, the more chances you have of winning! We’ll be unlocking prizes as our sales go up and we hit our targets. 
  • We (the authors) will also be handing out prizes too!
  • Join my Sentinals Readers Group on FB and complete the online jigsaw puzzle faster than me for a chance to win an ebook of your choice from my catalogue!
  • Join the scavenger hunt and collect the keywords to enter a competition to win a $50 Amazon giftcard. Find the instructions in my Sentinals Readers Group from Oct 4th.

If that’s not enough fun, we’ll be hosting a live FB party where you can win a Pizza delivered right to your house (US only – I am really sorry we can’t deliver outside the US.) But even if you are not in the US, you can still join in the fun.

  • We’ll be asking the authors questions about their books (and you can ask them questions too)  
  • We’ll be playing a game to see who will get the most drunk 🙂
  • The live pizza party is Friday 7th Oct at 8pm EDT in the Dark Book Boyfriend FB Group. So mark your calendars!!

Keep checking back daily for more fun! and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Realm of Darkness (35 full length paranormal and Fanatsy Romance novels for 99c! Including my contribution SoulBreather.)

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