Change is a constant.

The phrase, ‘Change is a constant’ feels like a contradiction, but it isn’t, it’s reality. Change happens all around us, constantly. In the UK it seems that everything has changed, from the monarch to prime minister and now the company I work for. Yesterday was the first day of a new reality for me. The company I work for was acquired and Tuesday was ‘Day One’. We are now the new company.

The last week has been a series of goodbyes from people I have worked with for years. Another well known saying is that ‘change begets change’. And massive changes like an acquisition makes people think about where they want to be. Some choose to leave, others don’t have the choice. Uplifting for those making positive changes in their lives, lowering for those leaving and also for those left behind and feeling depressed at the loss of valued colleagues.

Photo by Hakon Grimstad

Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

I am a writer who also works full time. I am also one of those who stays put. I have been at my company for over seventeen years, not in the same job, nor the same department, but I have moved around, learnt new skills, met new people, all within the same company, and I take my knowledge with me.

For me, I would love to be a full time writer, but very few independent authors reach those starry heights, and so we have to work in a full time job to make the ends meet, and pay to publish our books. There is no big publishing house sitting behind us funding the expenses. They come out of of the independent author’s pocket.

So, be impressed at the rate some of these independent authors release books. One book a year is an an amazing accomplishment, more than that, we shoud be praising their dedication. It is a major achievement. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that. Support those independent authors for following their dreams, that drive to create and share the results. Appreciate and recognise their bravery, because it is not easy putting your work out there for others to critique.

Back to day one, the start of a new adventure, part scary, part exciting, but still change. As an author every emotion is a learning experience. Something to be captured and used at a later date. Nothing in life goes to waste! So onwards, ride the change, embrace the new opportunity and lets write!

Thank you once again for your interest in my books, and for joining me on this journey. Welcome to the wonderful world of Remargaren and many others I can’t wait to introduce you to.  I hope you stay for all the exciting adventures that are surely coming your way.

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