Readers’ Favorite awards Five Star Review to Sentinals Justice.

Five Star review from Reader’s Favorite

Readers’ Favorite recognizes “Sentinals Justice” by Helen Garraway with a Five Star Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Sentinals Justice is a work of fiction in the epic fantasy and adventure sub-genres and it serves as the third installment of the Sentinal Series. The work is best suited to the general adult reading audience for its mature themes and moderate sexual and violent content and was penned by author Helen Garraway. Continuing the epic action-packed adventures of the high fantasy world of Remargaren, we follow the events of this particular novel into the intricacies of the court of King Benedict. Diplomatic tensions result in a meeting between Commander Jerrol Haven and Grand Duke Randolf, with an unexpected guest along the way.

Author Helen Garraway holds a lot of information together in this massive fantasy world, and it makes for a truly thrilling setting filled with political and royal intrigue, interpersonal drama, and dangerous games of secrets, warmongering, and missing persons. I really enjoyed getting to know Jerrol and exploring the various pressures he was under in such a tense situation, but the character selection is so large that everyone will find someone they can relate to in the wider ensemble cast. The dialogue was also a big part of the engagement factor in this novel for me, as I felt like I got a lot of plot-relevant information from it which kept the novel pacey and interesting despite the epic nature of the overall story arcs. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Sentinals Justice to fans of epic fantasy and the series so far; you won’t be disappointed.

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Book Three of the Sentinal Series

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