Ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors.

I am very pleased to announce that I am now a UK ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli).

With a membership made up of authors from across the world, ALLi Ambassadors enable the ALLi organisation to think globally and act locally. Our Ambassadors are knowledgeable, motivated, experienced and professional ALLi members who help us to champion independent authors and forge new links across our core territories: Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Europe, South Africa, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

ALLi’s Mission is to foster excellence and ethics in self-publishing.

•We empower authors through community and collaborationauthor forums, contract advice, sample agreements, contacts and networking, literary agency representation, and a member care desk.

•We advise, through our Self-Publishing Advice Center—blog, podcasts, emails, magazine, guidebooks.

•We monitor the self-publishing sectorwatchdog desk and approved partner program.

•We campaign and advocate for independent authors throughout the publishing and creative industries globally.

Member Benefits

•Discounts on self-publishing services

•Approved partner directory and database of services e.g. editors

•Free guidebooks, member magazine and resources

•Sample contracts & agreements and a contract review service

•Watchdog desk

•Dedicated literary agent & rights services

•Private member forums—ask questions and receive helpful advice from ALLi team, advisors, ambassadors and members

How ALLi Ambassadors can help you:

They tell us what our global campaigns can do, locally

Our Ambassadors can share with us which awards or other opportunities are closed to indies, in their own countries, so that we can help open up more doors for indie authors. Often our Ambassadors work hard to get through a door… so they can leave it open for future indie authors to follow in their footsteps. A win for one indie is a win for us all.

They share ALLi’s knowledge and expertise

The Ambassadors share important information to authors in their areas. Sometimes individually, sometimes through writing associations, festivals, literary events and charities, they can provide up to date information and useful guidance for authors everywhere.

Organization Partner Badge

Ask them about our Organization Membership for writing associations

We have developed a category of Organization Membership to ensure good quality self-publishing information can reach even more authors. Our great value membership for writing associations means an organisation can partner with us, bringing their own author members high quality self-publishing resources. 

They can arrange for fantastic speakers at your literary events

Many of our Ambassadors are accomplished speakers and workshop facilitators, who can run self-publishing workshops or speak about their own books. If you need a speaker for your literary event, do get in touch: they can tell you about great indie authors in your area, or speak at the event themselves.

If you want to know more about ALLi, its member benefits, or how to join (affiliate link), then please do not hesitate to contact me on, or access the ALLi website.

If you would like to stay in contact and follow my writing career, then sign up to my newsletter and download a free novella called Sentinals Stirring and get notified when my next books are published.

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The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member

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