Book Review: Dragon’s Heir by Sloane McClain

Reviewed: March 20th, 2021
Release Date: May 21st, 2020

Sons of Pendragon – Seven brothers with secrets, taken from their own time and raised in the present to continue their father’s work. All they require are the weapons their father gave them as children.

Keepers – Seven women with a secret mission. Each the eldest female in a line of women charged with guarding special weapons through the centuries until their owners appear.

Alexandra Weatherly had inherited a sword and with it dreams of a warrior whose face she couldn’t see. A warrior would be handy since she was being stalked. Then Alex met Connor Pendragon. A modern-day warrior if ever there was one.

Connor had no problem stepping in to help Alex. It did not take him long to realize that he wanted her for himself. From an early age, he had been raised to protect, and if anyone needed protecting, it was Alex. The woman was too trusting for her own good.

Dragon’s Heir is the second book in Sloane McClain’s Pendragon series. Connor is the eldest Pendragon brother, and as the eldest son of King Arthur he is the Crown Prince. Only he has no kingdom to rule over.

Instead he works ostensibly for a security firm, but in reality he protects the world from dark fae attacks, when fae creatures cross the boundary into human lands. He and his son live alone, his wife having betrayed him and left him for another man. Trusting another woman with heart is unlikely until he meets his son’s Sunday school teacher.

Alex is the daughter of the Minister, and she is not only the children’s Sunday school teacher, she is also an accomplished pianist. Having recently inherited a sword form her grandmother, and although not normally one for theatrics, she has begun dreaming about an ancient warrior. The dreams were now worsening, or not, because since she met Connor Pendragon, it’s his face on the warrior she is dreaming about.

Unknown to her, a dark fae has discovered she has the sword. And no matter what he has to prevent Alex from giving it to Connor.

This is an extremely well written novel with great characters and plenty of action. A worthy second instalment of the Pendragon series. The road to true love is no easier for Arthur’s sons as it is for anyone else. Connor and Alex are drawn to each other, and Clark, Connor’s son has set his eyes on his new mother. No matter what Connor says or thinks, he may not have a choice!

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