Cover Reveal – DragonBound

BookTwo of the SoulMist Series

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Release Day: June 15th, 2023

Cover Designer: MiblArt

It’s the turn of DragonBound, Book Two of the SoulMist series to venture out into the light! Isn’t the cover vibrant?

Book Description

DragonBound is the second enthralling book in the Fantasy Romance SoulMist series full of vibrant characters, political intrigue and betrayal.

How could so much go awry in so short a time? Crossing the divide between gloomy Eidolon and sunny Puronia was the least of their problems.

Her brother is still soulless and lost in Eidolon. Having exchanged tantalising promises of love with the mesmerising fallen angel, Demavrian, she led him straight into a trap, and he is running out of time to prove his innocence. She has no idea how to use her SoulBreathing skills or to control the dragon that comes with it, and to top it all, the Heavenly Host kicked in her door. They had better repair it!

Ageing isn’t fun. If he didn’t reconnect to the citadel fast, he may even die of it, if the queue of angels wanting him dead didn’t get to him first. Unexpected enemies and surprising allies surface as he navigates the dark web of corrupted politics in the angel’s assembly. Let’s hope his newly independent oathsworn can keep him alive long enough to unravel his memories of what really happened the day he was cast out – and his beautiful SoulBreather, Solanji, may be the key.

Solanji and Mav may be immortal, but they are running out of time to discover who is behind all the scheming and how to redeem the soulless. When the timepiece makes it last turn, they will not be the only ones to suffer if they fail.

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The SoulMist Series

With Solanji’s brother’s life is hanging in the balance, she doesn’t have a choice but to venture into the depths of Eidolon to fake rescue a stranger, only to discover then man she must betray might be her only hope of saving her brother.

Join Solanji as she navigates the polictical intrigue of the Angel’s citadel, and the mysterious fallen angel lurking int eh shadows. Can she coax him out into the light long enough for her to really see who he is?

Start the adventure with SoulBreather.