To Dither or not to Dither?

It is more difficult than expected to know when to take the next step. Development editor – check! Copy editor – check! And now what?

Then the doubts start crowding in, is it good enough? Should I self-publish or find an agent? Should I try and format myself or pay someone to do it? How much is too much to spend on a getting a book published? Especially when the full time job takes up most of your energy and there is little enough left over for writing and editing – let alone marketing and building that author platform!

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

And then the doubts creep in again, dare I think my book is good enough to publish? My Number One fan Michael thinks so! Maybe I should listen to him, he even put down Game of Thrones to read my book, Sentinals Awaken – that’s saying something isn’t it?

Yes, thumbs up, even one fan is better than no fans.

Therefore next step.

Cover Design. Oooh – this should be fun, I’ve done my research, found a designer I like, scheduled time on his calendar, watch this space as the cover develops…

And then it’s formatting the inside, and what about a map and that glossary and…and…so much to do and it’s all exciting again and back to editing book number two – Sentinals Rising.

Oh yes, and back to the day job.

Editing Book One : Sentinals Awaken

Sentinals Awaken is the first book in my Sentinals series set in the world of Remargaren.

I invested in a Market Editor to make sure my story was on point and made sense! And was surprised to find out that my weakness was grammar! Sentence structure and use of commas. So back to the grammar drawing board to relearn the grammar rules and how to avoid the dreaded comma splice! And hello semicolon. I’ve never used semicolons, and was interested to see that the eye does run over it more than a full stop, which if used too often I think can make sentences choppy. (Unless you want choppy of course!)

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

The good news was that she loved the story, found the plot original and the characters engaging. And learning grammar is probable simpler than rewriting the story or having to address plot holes or flat characters! I am sure there will many who disagree.

I addressed the issues the editor raised and relearnt my grammar (and groaned over the comma rules), and had a discussion about Point of View (POV) and how to bring out a character’s inner thoughts. I then developed one of my Sentinal characters a bit more as I had deliberately down-played him as he was threatening to take over, and he was obviously down-played too much! I have written a book just for him so he doesn’t get too downhearted and that led to me writing his backstory which became the prequel as it was such fun discovering where the Sentinals came from to begin with.

Next step is to get a few beta readers to do a final sanity check and then to find a copy editor/proofreader to check the final version, and then it will be on to formatting and cover design as dip my toe into the world of self-publishing.