To Dither or not to Dither?

It is more difficult than expected to know when to take the next step. Development editor – check! Copy editor – check! And now what?

Then the doubts start crowding in, is it good enough? Should I self-publish or find an agent? Should I try and format myself or pay someone to do it? How much is too much to spend on a getting a book published? Especially when the full time job takes up most of your energy and there is little enough left over for writing and editing – let alone marketing and building that author platform!

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

And then the doubts creep in again, dare I think my book is good enough to publish? My Number One fan Michael thinks so! Maybe I should listen to him, he even put down Game of Thrones to read my book, Sentinals Awaken – that’s saying something isn’t it?

Yes, thumbs up, even one fan is better than no fans.

Therefore next step.

Cover Design. Oooh – this should be fun, I’ve done my research, found a designer I like, scheduled time on his calendar, watch this space as the cover develops…

And then it’s formatting the inside, and what about a map and that glossary and…and…so much to do and it’s all exciting again and back to editing book number two – Sentinals Rising.

Oh yes, and back to the day job.

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