Author Interview – Deonne Williams

Author of Fae Song

This month, I am talking to Deonne Wiliams, author of the magical novel Fae Song.

Fae Song is a a beautifully written book. Deonne has created a wonderful world, with characters that are so clearly drawn and true to their foibles. A book of gentle magic and music and yet an undercurrent of conflict runs beneath it all, so all is not as peaceful at it seems. I read Fae Song back in the summer and you can find my book review here.

Welcome Deonne. To start us off please tell what made you start writing.

Deonne: I had way too many stories popping into my head, so I just started writing them down.

Helen: That sounds like there must be a second book in the offing, I am so glad we will get to visit Shae and Gwynn again. Why did you choose to write Fantasy?

Deonne: I have always written fantasy because it lets me change the world my characters live in, create new kinds of beings and different sorts of magic. I have found that my writing also fits well into Young Adult categories as I have neither the desire nor the ‘skill’ to write more steamy types of things.

Helen: Yes, you have a gentle, descriptive way of writing which is truly immersive, and very enjoyable. As you build your world do you need to much research?

Deonne: Since I write fantasy, classic types of research such as fitting something into historical context is not a requirement. I do often research languages though when I’m looking to create a word or term for something in my world.

Photo credit: Gill Dollar (Unspash)

Helen: You live in Florida, so nice balmy weather. Where is your favourite place to write?

Deonne: I would prefer to write on the shaded porch of a beach house but that isn’t currently something I have available. In practice, I prefer to write at my desk on my laptop.

Helen: Wouldn’t we all? The sound of the sea swishing in the background, a soothing backdrop for creativity. I can almost smell the salty waves! So unfortunately, no beach front, when do you find the time to write?

Deonne: It is often tough to find uninterrupted time, so most of my writing is done in the wee hours of the night.

Helen: I must admit, I tend to tend to write late into the night as well. I love your cover, simple but elegant, what made you choose it?

Deonne: So far I have only chosen one but my deciding factor was that I didn’t want my book to have a cover that looked like every other fantasy cover out there with either someone swinging a sword or tossing fireballs.

Helen: Thank you so much, Deonne, for spending time with us today. We wish you all the best with your book: Fae Song.

Deonne lives on the sandbar known as Florida. She is happily married to Rory and blissfully owned by a stunning mare named Kay Kay and a demanding over-familiar tuxedo cat named Ritz.

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