Author Interview – Anna J. Walner

Author of Garkain, Book One of the Uluru Legacy

Joining me today is the author, Anna J Walner, host of the Author’s Library YouTube channel and author of the YA fantasy Uluru Legacy series. The first book of which, Garkain, will be released on June 25th, 2021.

Welcome Anna, to start us off please tell us about your book Gharkin.

Anna: I began with the story of my adoption and built from that. Amelia is a girl who searches for her past, and once she finds it, she discovers that the truth is far more unbelievable than she ever imagined!

Helen: That is so brave, to write from your own experience, though I’m sure what Amelia eventually discovers did not happen to you! It must have been difficult at times to write about a topic so close to your own heart. Is there a special meaning behind the book title, Garkain?

Anna: Garkain is the aboriginal name for the creatures of the night. The boogeymen in the Outback. But we come to find out that everything we knew of vampires has changed; evolved over time. They still must drink blood, but they live normal lives almost like you and I, with the exception that they drink blood, their skin darkens in the sun, and they have a unique gift when the human constraints of the mind are removed. 

But it’s not a special meaning, I just picked an Aboriginally accurate term for them. I tried to incorporate the Aboriginal culture where I could. Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock. 

Helen: I love it when I learn something new from the books I read. What genre did you to choose to set your book in?

Anna: I write Fantasy. I think in a way, when I write I get to escape into the same world my characters do, which is nice. I enjoy writing it as much as I enjoy reading it, and I hope that come across to other readers.

Helen: Which character do you enjoy writing the most and why? Heroes or villains?

Anna: I enjoy writing strong female characters. In either form. I think it’s nice to see a strong young woman in the central role, and Amelia is just that. She’s a leader.

Helen: So…is Amelia your favourite character?

Anna: Yes! Amelia, hands down. Although there’s a character that we’ll see in the second book who’s running a close second . . .

Helen: I’m glad to hear you have a second book coming. Tell us a little about your writing process. Do you like to plan or write free form? Do you prefer writing or editing? It seems authors tend to prefer one process or the other.

Anna: I am a combination of the two. I have a plan of where I want to start and finish, the rest of the storyline is in flux. The characters really drive the direction of the story. I love writing, but I’ve also come to accept editing as a necessary evil and now I look forward to those finishing touches.

Helen: And you have a young daughter; how do you fit your writing in?

Anna: I write at night when my daughter sleeps. It’s the only time I have free! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Helen: The independent author’s life is all about fitting writing around work and everyday life. We get good at finding those brief moments to create and to read! Reading is as important as writing to authors. What have you been reading recently?

Anna: Triad by Brittany Weisrock and Awakening by Jennifer Pezzano. I do my best to support the Indie Author community. We write some good books!!

Helen: There have been some amazing Indie author books released this last year. My ‘to be read’ list keeps growing! And thanks to you and your Author’s Library YouTube channel readers can find out more about their favourite independent authors as you post regular author interviews as well as marketing advice. You can check out Anna’s Author’s Library YouTube channel here.

It has been lovely chatting with you, Anna, just one last question. What advice would you give other Indie authors?

Anna: To be patient. Be patient with yourself, with the creative process, and with the book. Define what success means to you and realize that being an independent author means wearing a lot of hats. Learn from your mistakes, but never give up!

About Anna J. Walner:

Anna is a mother, and a published author. I’ve always had a passion for writing, spending my life obsessed with literature. As an author, my creativity has grown. I not only read the stories I love, but I create them too.

She began this quest for her daughter. The Enrovia Series is written for her, with her in mind. From there her ideas continued to form and grow. The first book of the Uluru Legacy series is currently available for Preorder and will be available 06.25.2021.

Award Winning Author – Literary Titan Golden Award 02/2021

Breaking news: Readers Favorite 5 star Silver Award announced March 10th, 2021.

You can reach Anna J. Walner via social media on:


and purchase her book Garkain, Book One of the Uluru Legacy now on pre-order via Amazon:

Link to ebook on Amazon US | Amazon UK

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