Author Interview – Clemy Warner Thompson

Author of From Within the Light

Joining me today is Clemy Warner Thompson, author of young adult fantasy book From Within the Light.

Welcome Clemy. You are about to do your cover reveal of your next book, Even in the Darkest Times and I am so excited you gave me a sneak peek to share with your readers. (If you can’t wait – scroll down!!!! I love it!) But in the meantime, please tell us a little about your current book.

Clemy: My current book is From Within the Light. It is a contemporary fantasy story, that follows Cassie and her brother Dillen. Their lives are thrown upside down when they discover that their friends and their family are not who they thought they were. The stale lives that the two of them have lived are left behind them, as they go on the run from the Darkness that is hunting for Cassie’s energy. Only she has the power their enemies need to eradicate the curse that has consumed them since their fall to earth. Cassie is pulled into the world of angels and demons and their painful, yet unknown, Fall to earth. All angels that have survived since the Fall need Cassie’s hidden power to unveil their locked memories.  

Helen: That sounds amazing, how did you come up with the title?

Clemy: I have never struggled in creating my titles. I always have a rough idea of what I want it to be, and then it changes ever so slightly with the finishing of the story. Originally I had planned to do another trilogy (that would be my third in total) and they were to be named:- From Within the Light, There is Hope, Even in the Darkest of Times. 

Since drawing to the end of this book, I have decided that two books are enough to round off the story I am trying to create. I may in the future branch into other books and other stories, with some of the lesser known but interesting characters, but for now I am happy with the title of From Within the Light and Even in the Darkest of Times for my WIP.

Helen: The names sound perfect, and work well together as part of a duology. And then there is the cover. How did you come up with the design?

Clemy: This is a difficult question to answer. In honesty, I explain the premise of my book to the person I choose to design the cover and then see what they come up with, though I always have some kind of idea of what I’m looking for.

I have had mixed reviews about my covers which has swayed me more recently. Most of my readers love the covers, but they feel they don’t match the genres or topics of the stories inside. I like my covers to show the battles between Light and Darkness but not in a traditional way. I use shadows and silhouettes and lights to highlight areas of energy that battle the Darkness throughout. I am new to using colour in my cover designs, and I am hoping that the bursts of blue and red I include in my cover for Even in the Darkest of Times is well met by my readers.

Helen: It is difficult to know the right way to go, I had to give up some of my ideas for covers because they just wouldn’t work on a thumbnail. Online previews use tiny images of your cover so you still need it to resonate and you need to make sure the reader can recognise the book or its genre. Not so easy as it sounds! Do you only write fantasy?

Clemy: Since I started writing, I have always chosen fantasy as my genre. I love everything about it. The books, the films, the TV series, and all of the wonderful characters and worlds that draw you in.  I have struggled with certain times in my life and I feel that I used writing as a way to keep me centred, now it is a flourishing hobby (when I get time).

Helen: I must admit that I love fantasy as well; it is my favourite genre. Congratulations on your cover reveal, and thank you for sharing it with me. It looks fantastic! I can’t wait for it to be released. Your readers will be glad to hear this, the second book is already in the works.

Clemy: Yes! I am working on the sequel to From Within the Light, titled Even in the Darkest of Times. It follows on directly from the first book in this duology, and once again follows both Cassie and Kale in their individual challenges and struggles.

I have been working on this book for nearly 4 very slow progressing years. I seemed to lose connection to the characters at a certain time in my life and so I took a step back, and returned to it when I felt It was time. In doing so, Even in the Darkest of Times is turning into my best book so far. 

It is a paranormal romance novel at its centre, but at the forefront it is a new adult fantasy novel, with elements of magic and contemporary scenarios. 

Helen: Tell us what you like read. What are your favourite books?

Clemy: It has to be Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I loved it. I also loved Fallen by Lauren Kate. As you see there is a similarity between the two. I love reading about angels and I love a good paranormal romance novel. 

Helen: Thank you so much for joining me today, it has been a pleasure chatting with you. I wish you all the best with your cover reveal and the launch of Even in the Darkest of Times. To close us out, being an Indie author, what advice would you give to other aspiring authors?

Clemy: First of all, don’t give up. It is hard being a writer, physically and emotionally. Handwriting manuscripts can take its toll on your hands and wrists, always find the most comfortable position and writing style for you. Use a computer or laptop if that’s easier. Use your phone if you’re out and about and think of a great idea.

Don’t stress when things don’t work out how you planned. Stories can take turns anywhere, the characters can end up doing what they want to do and not necessarily what you, the writer, wants them to do. Most importantly, don’t stretch yourself too far. The dreams of being a famous writer and being well known in the world for your writing can be a daunting prospect. Some people can’t cope with the title of famous when it’s found, others feel inadequate when they don’t find that title. Own being a writer, at any stage.

You can find The Star on Kobo, Smashwords or Lulu.

About the Author:

I started writing on my thirteenth birthday and I have never looked back. I ‘ve had time off from writing, sometimes years, but I always end up back to it. Something about the worlds I think of and the characters I design, they call to me when it’s been too long since I added anything to their stories.

I work 5 days a week in a retail environment, and writing is mostly my hobby. I have had poems published by Young Writers and in the Cleanteen Anthology, Wonderstruck, but all my novels are self-published. In the future, I would like to be able to walk into a shop and pick up a copy of one of my books, but whether that is to happen I’m not sure. The first step towards that is to find an agent!

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