Book Review Alert: The Searching Songbird by E.P.Stavs

Reviewed: 11th May, 2021
Release Date: December 8th, 2020
Genre: YA Fantasy

“Your only fault was placing your trust in someone as unworthy as me.”

Lily Delaney is on a mission to save one of her sister Shendri. The only problem is she doesn’t actually know who she is. Or where she is, for that matter. All she has to go on is a vision she saw in her dreams. That, and the help of her celestial beast, Suzaku. Will determination be enough to save the unknown Shendri from harm? Or will Lily find herself in more trouble than she can handle?

Treachery, love, and dragons await as Lily and Draven wind their way through this heart-pounding, second installment of E.P. Stavs’ The Shendri Series. Read More…

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