Author Interview – Nadine Roman

Author of Legion of Loch Ness

Joining me today to chat about her YA fantasy novel, Legion of Loch Ness is Nadine Roman. Welcome Nadine. Congratulations on the recent release of your novel.

Nadine: Legion of Loch Ness is a novel based in modern day Chicago. I have always been fascinated by the origin of fairy tales and the more I learned about it the more fascinated I become with introducing it into the modern world. We all enjoy fantasy novels that are usually set in fantasy times and countries. I thought it would be fun to explore the lives of our main characters dealing with fantasy in every day life in our experience.

Helen: I bet you had great fun with that idea. I can imagine the misunderstandings arising with a fae character experiencing the modern world. What made you want to write this particular book?

Nadine: I’ve been a voracious reader my whole life. After reading many books I evolved to a point where I thought it would be fun to write a book of my own. Then I found myself making different scenarios and ending to the books I was reading and it made me want to write my own. Too often I wanted an alternative ending and more depth to the books I was reading so I decided to give it a try.

Helen: Who inspired you to write a novel? It is not easy to take an idea and complete a whole book. Did your family support you?

Nadine: A lot of my family members thought I had a way with words and thought I should write. They planted the seed in my head, and it grew form there. My father was my main inspiration to write. My great grandfather owned newspapers that were sold in three different languages in Asia. The most popular section of the newspaper was the short story section and my father said I had inherited my great grandfather’s gift for storytelling.

Helen: That is wonderful story. It must be a great feeling to continue the family tradition! So you’ve completed your debut novel, have you caught the bug? Is their a new project in the works?

Nadine: It’s really interesting. After finishing my Legion, I felt like I wasn’t done with my characters and I started planning it before releasing the first one. It is a lot darker and edgier. I’ve based it in London which is one of my favourites cities. I’m absolutely loving reuniting with the characters from Legion.

Helen: Characters do have a way of growing on you. Who was your favourite character to write?

Nadine: I enjoyed writing Chris the most. He was supposed to be a minor character, but his personality became such fun to write that he became one of my favorite characters. Another one of my favorites was Melusine because I was so fascinated by her story as one of the first incredibly powerful women and bringing her into the modern world and having her fall in love with a modern an has been an absolute adventure.

Helen: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me about your book. Just to round us out, how do you fit writing into your daily life?

Nadine: It’s very hard to fit it in, however, the pure joy of escaping into my books and hanging out with the amazing characters makes it worthwhile. As hard as it is to carve time out to sit and write properly every time I enter the universe it is equally hard to pull myself out.

You can find Nadine on:

Author Website

Legion of Loch Ness

UK: eBook | Paperback

USA: eBook | Paperback

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