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On your marks…. Get set ….claim that free copy of Sentinals Awaken!!

Celebrating the forthcoming launch of Sentinals Across Time (available on preorder for $2.99) – chance to win one of 100 ebook copies of the first book in the Sentinals series.
From today (Feb 25th!) you can enter the Goodreads Giveaway. Sorry only open to US readers! Runs until March 10th, 2022.

Enter here. While you’re there follow me and add my books to your tbr shelf! Enjoy!!

I hope you start the adventure and stay for the journey!

Sentinals Awaken is the first book in the saga of Remargaren, a vibrant, ancient world of high fantasy suffused with magic and adventure.

As a three thousand-year-old threat reemerges, only one man has the power to awaken the world’s greatest protectors and restore order to the realm. He just doesn’t know it yet. When Jerrol Haven, a captain in the King’s Rangers, discovers treason at the highest level, he knows immediately that the knowledge puts his life at risk. And indeed, though he expected the ailing King to shield him, the ambitious Crown Prince sentences Jerrol to death.

What hold does the Prince have over his weakened father, and who or what is he protecting?

With signs that the veil is weakening and the Ascendants are creeping back into power, Lady Leyandrii has returned and is in dire need of Jerrol’s help. For though he doesn’t know it, Jerrol possesses a rare gift: By chance, he touches a revered Sentinal tree and awakens Birlerion, one of the Lady’s personal guard who have been sleeping in the strange, tall trees since they were last called to battle. Aided by Birlerion, Jerrol flees and begins his journey to help Lady Leyandrii save Remargaren once more.

But time is running out: Jerrol must unravel the mystery of the Ascendants’ return, stop the sinister force that is dividing good families through bloodshed and betrayal, and rescue the King—and his troubles are only just beginning.

Ideal for lovers of The Witcher, Tad William’s Shadowmarch or David Eddings’ Belgarion series.

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