Writing Challenge- Day One #TurvyTruthorDare

Join the Sentinals as they navigate their way through a new writing challenge! Keep reading for my Day One truth or dare!! 

It’s another Turvy-inspired #WritingChallenge! This time the stakes are raised: #TurvyTruthOrDare! AND this time it’s an easy-peasy 7-day mini challenge. So they say!!

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The #TurvyTruthOrDare runs April 1–7 and is hosted by:
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#Writers, whether your characters are in a published book or percolating in your WIP, this challenge is for YOU!

Day One– It’s a dare!

The Sentinals sat in the king’s library and devoured all the books they could find on the history of Remargaren. Piles of dry and boring tomes surrounded them and Tagerill shifted in his seat, slamming the book he was reading shut.

“This is so boring. Why do we want to know what every official ever said in the last three thousand years?”

“We don’t,” Serillion replied, his eyes glued to the pages in front of him.

“We want to know how Vespiri came to be what it is today,” Birlerion murmured, turning the page.

“It would be much better if we just went into the town and asked the people,” Tagerill said.

“Via every tavern you can find,” Birlerion said with a wry twist of his lips.

“It would be better than sitting here.”

“It might be more entertaining, but you won’t find out much. Our history seems to be long forgotten,” Birlerion replied, taking the opportunity to stretch his aching back. They had been reading for a long time. He eyed Serillion and then Tagerill as an idea bloomed. “Tell you what. We’ll go into town, and the first one of us who finds a person who remembers the Sentinals can choose a dare for the others.”

“Yes!” Tagerill said as he fist pumped the air.

“Mmm,” Serillion replied, his nose still deep in his book.

“Right then,” Birlerion said closing his book and leaning over to flip Serillion’s book shut as well.

“Hey! I was reading that,” Serillion protested.

“Active research is much better,” Tagerill proclaimed.

“We’ve been sitting for too long! Truth or dare time,” Birlerion said as he rose. “First Sentinal to find someone who remembers us, gets to pick a dare for one of the others.”

Serillion scowled. “You are such children. No one is going to remember us.”

“Someone will.” Birlerion replied as he stacked the books in a neat pile. “Come on. We need some fresh air.”

As they entered yet another tavern, Birlerion was regretting his bright idea, and he groaned as another mug of ale landed on the bar before him. His innards were awash in beer and he grabbed it and turned towards the room. Raising the mug he said, “Whoever can tell me a true story about the Sentinals gets this ale!”

“Bribery is cheating,” Serillion shouted. His cheeks were flushed, and his silver eyes sparkled.

Tagerill laughed. “No one knows anything in this town!”

“Them Sentinals were cowards. They all ran.” A deep voice spoke from the shadows.

Silence fell, and Birlerion turned towards the voice. “Ran from what?” he asked, his voice deceptively quiet.

“Whatever it was they faced. They all disappeared. Cowards the lot of them.”

“Maybe they took the threat with them,” Birlerion suggested.

“Nah! The Lady punished them!”

“There isn’t an original thought among them,” Tagerill growled.

“Then we should plant a new seed,” Serillion said, his eyes glittering dangerously.

“Yes,” Birlerion agreed. “What impression would we like to leave?”

“Oh I don’t know. We should all streak down the high street, that would make an impression,” Tagerill said in a calm voice.

Birlerion choked. “Not the impression Leyandrii would like.”

Tagerill raised his mug in salute. “They wouldn’t forget us, though.”

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