Writing Challenge- Day Two #TurvyTruthOrDare

Join the Sentinals as they navigate their way through a new writing challenge! Keep reading for my Day Two truth or dare!! 

Share a silly hidden talent OR Stand on corner holding sign for hugs for 10 minutes

It’s another Turvy-inspired #WritingChallenge! This time the stakes are raised: #TurvyTruthOrDare! AND this time it’s an easy-peasy 7-day mini challenge. So they say!!

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The #TurvyTruthOrDare runs April 1–7 and is hosted by:
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🎩@writertracybrown –Writes the quirky #DoorToDoorMysteries + 🔥#BelleroseWitchline fantasy series

#Writers, whether your characters are in a published book or percolating in your WIP, this challenge is for YOU!

Day Two- It’s a another dare!

Serillion lifted his head off the pillow and groaned. The room spun, and he swallowed, trying not to heave. “Oh Lady help me. My head.”

Jerrol laughed at him. “It’s not your head you should be worrying about.”

Serillion covered his eyes with his arm. Why did the sun have to be so bright? Jerrol’s words percolated into his brain, and he froze. Oh Lady! They hadn’t, had they? “Why?” he asked, hoping the fuzzy memories from the night before were just a drunken haze.

“Well, there are reports of three men streaking down the Port Road,” Jerrol replied. His voice turned thoughtful. “I suppose it was fortunate it was after midnight and there weren’t that many people to see it.”

Serillion groaned. “I’m gonna kill Tagerill.”

“I think Birlerion is already making him suffer.”

“They can’t be up already.” Serillion retched and Jerrol shoved a bucket towards him. After a moment that Serillion would prefer not to remember, he wiped his mouth and blearily stared at Jerrol. “Why are you here? Did they send you to torment me?”

“Birlerion said that if you needed a hug to help you feel better, you would find them on the corner of market square. Something about trying to redeem themselves in the Lady’s eyes. He thought you might want to help them.”

“Help them do what?”

“Someone dared them to beg for hugs. They seem to think it was Leyandrii. Anyway, that was the only explanation I could get out of them as to why they were standing on street corners with a sign asking people to hug them.”

Serillion chuckled and then groaned again.

“I was debating about joining them as there was quite a queue!” Jerrol said. “@writertracybrown was at the front, she seemed quite eager!! As were @mummybearreads, @D_a_i_s_ywood and @bookworm_oakey to name a few!” Jerrol said.

“They can have all the hugs. I’ll just die here, quietly,” Serillion moaned, covering his face with his pillow.

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