Realm of Darkness Author Spotlight – Beneath the Waves of the Neversea by K.A. Last

Some gorgeous covers have been revealed over the last few weeks for the Realm of Darkness Anthology. I am delighted to share K.A Last’s Beneath the Waves of the Neversea

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Anthology.

Have you preordered your copy yet for the insane special preorder price of 99c?  I can’t wait to read these wonderful books. See some of the covers revealed so far here

Beneath the Waves of the Neversea By KA Last

One adventure. Two worlds. Three broken hearts.

Wendie feels trapped, and she wants nothing more than to escape her life in London. 

When the promise of adventure lures her from her bedroom window, she eagerly follows the boy with golden hair and stars in his eyes. Wendie falls under Peter’s spell, and he draws her to him in ways she can’t explain. 

He is intoxicating, and dangerous, and makes her crave an adventure of a different kind.

But Peter is determined never to grow up. For him, Wendie is a means to an end, a way to rekindle the belief that holds the very fabric of Neverland together. 

Until she crosses the boundary into adulthood, dragging Peter with her.

Ronan is lost. Banished from Wonderland for crimes he can’t remember. 

After being thrown into a world where he isn’t welcome, Ronan is imprisoned by Peter and the Lost Boys. They condemn him for his age and his magic, but with Wendie’s help, Ronan escapes Peter’s clutches.

Ronan clings to his magic and madness, battling his heart and his mind as he tries to stay alive. His one goal: to find his way back home.

But Peter won’t allow Ronan to leave. No one leaves Neverland unless he says so.

Forced together by a common foe, Wendie and Ronan must fight for their hearts and their lives. Will Wendie be Ronan’s saviour, or will they both suffer at the hands of Peter Pan?

Preorder Realm of Darkness Boxset

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Boxset available for preorder now on Amazon and other retailers for only 99c/99p!

About the Author:

K. A. Last has always been artistic and creative. She has a diploma in Graphic Design and has worked in the publishing industry for more than twenty years. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she began writing to let off creative steam and fell in love with it. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Charles Sturt University with a major in English, and minors in Children’s Literature, Art History, and Visual Culture. She resides in the Australian countryside on the Mid-North Coast of NSW with her family and a menagerie of animals.

Other books by K.A Last

Fall For Me Book One of the Tate Chronicles

Amazon UK: eBook | Paperback

Amazon US: eBook | Paperback

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