Realm of Darkness Author Spotlight – Faust University by Emma B. Layne

It’s Launch day+1!! Realm of Darkness is now live!! I hope you found it on your eReader this morning.

Not sure which book to read first? Then check out this summary of all the books in the anthology.

I am delighted to share Emma B. Laynes Faust University.

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Anthology.

Have you ordered your copy yet for the insane special preorder price of 99c?  I can’t wait to read these wonderful books. See some of the covers revealed so far here

Faust University By Emma Blayne

Eve Revere was headed for Harvard when a golden envelope appeared to announce her acceptance into Faust University, a school she’d never heard of.

Everyone there seems to think she is the reincarnation of their founder.
More questions develop about the truth behind her mother’s life and death.

A love triangle between her, her professor, and her dorm mate develops.
And now there is a rouge ancient demon on the loose.

Freshman year has never been quite so… magical.

Order Realm of Darkness Boxset

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Boxset available for order now on Amazon and other retailers for only 99c!

About the Author:

Emma is a paranormal and urban fantasy author who summons strong, often queer, female heroines to the page in their New Adult stories.

What’s hotter than a sexy, sword wielding vamp? The gun-slinging hunter they’re falling for obviously.

From summoners studying at Faust University, to mages overthrowing their corrupt government, all the way to demon hunters and vengeful ghosts – Emma’s Magicbound Realm has something for everyone who loves spice, sass, and magic.

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