Writing Challenge #12DaysOfTurvy Day Two: Found Family

The characters are from Sentinals Banished, the 5th book in the Sentinal series- though these events are all made up for the #12DaysOfTurvywriting challenge and are out of sequence and do not exist in the book.


Leyarille is Jerrol and Taelia’s daughter, born at the beginning of Book 4, Sentinals Across time. She is now 17, as is Jared, Alyssa and Jennery’s second son.

Marianille and Birlerion are Sentinals, and step-brother/Step-sister.

Niallerion is a sentinal and Marianille’s husband.

Dec 2. Family/Found Family

By the time Niallerion arrived home, he was stiff and sore from kneeling over decaying parchment and fragments of stone tablets. The heavy snow and falling temperatures didn’t improve his mood much, but when he opened the door to his home and he inhaled the warming aroma of a hearty soup and the sight of his beautiful wife seated by the fire, he finally relaxed.

“Darling!” Marianille rose and went to meet him. “You are so late.”

“I wanted to get everything finished, so I could join you in the festivities.” Niallerion nodded at Jared and Leyarille seated by the fire. “Who else is here?”

“Just Birlerion. He is overseeing dinner.”

Niallerion raised an eyebrow as Marianille fussed over him. Hanging up his cloak, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. “Is that wise?” he asked as he kissed her.

“I heard that,” Birlerion called. “And unhand my sister. There are children in the house.”

“We are not kids!” Leyarille protested, closely followed by Jared, and Birlerion laughed as he brought in bowls and laid the table.

“My apologies.” He bowed his head. “There are soon-to-be ranger’s cadets in the house.”

“Who are starving,” Jared said.

“Then sit,” Birlerion gestured grandly and disappeared back into the kitchen. He soon returned with a steaming tureen.

“We should celebrate,” Niallerion said, releasing Marianille and reaching for the wine glasses. “It’s not often we’ll have the chance to be all together once you enter the cadets.” “Nor does my brother come to visit very often.” Marianille reached for Birlerion and snagged his arm, pulling him close to kiss his cheek. “We’ve missed you.”

“As I have missed you,” Birlerion murmured, hugging her close.

“If you want wine, you’ll unhand my wife,” Niallerion mock threatened, waving his belt knife at Birlerion, before he began scraping the wax seal off the bottle.

Birlerion laughed and steered Marianille to a chair. Jared and Leyarille hurriedly took the seats opposite, leaving Birlerion and Niallerion to sit at either end.

Niallerion smiled at the happy faces around the table and began pouring the wine. Raising his glass, Birlerion grinned. “To family, near and far.”

“To family,” they all repeated.

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