Writing Challenge #12DaysOfTurvy Day Six: Outdoor Activities

The characters are from Sentinals Banished, the 5th book in the Sentinal series- though these events are all made up for the #12DaysOfTurvywriting challenge and are out of sequence and do not exist in the book.


Leyarille is Jerrol and Taelia’s daughter, born at the beginning of Book 4, Sentinals Across time. She is now 17, as is Jared, Alyssa and Jennery’s second son.

Marianille and Birlerion are Sentinals, and step-brother/Step-sister.

Niallerion is a sentinal and Marianille’s husband.

Dec. 6: Outdoor Activities

Leaving the theatre, the aroma of roasting nuts drew Parsillion to a halt. He inhaled, and searched the stalls lining the market square. Glass lanterns lit the stalls with a warm yellow glow, enticing the theatre goers to linger and buy cups of mulled wine, cakes and biscuits. A sweet scent drifted on the air and Parsillion abruptly turned, dragging Leyarille with him. “Honey sweets,” he whispered, and Leyarille laughed.

“Sweets? Really?”

Parsillion grinned, “It’s the only time of year you get them. I’d forgotten how much I liked them.”

He purchased a bag, and popped one in his mouth. A moan of pure contentment escaped him, and he offered Leyarille the bag.

She pulled off her glove and selected a sweet. An explosion of flavour filled her mouth, a concoction of sweet honey, seeds and nuts. “Mmmm,” she said, and then she in turn paused as a stall caught her eye.

“Oh, look.” She pulled Parsillion over to inspect the leather goods. “What beautiful metal work.” Inspecting the buckles on a range of belts, she traced the etching of a tall tree, a sentinal, the metal cold and silky smooth under her fingers. “This one,” she said. “Parsillion, check if this will fit you. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find him a gift.”

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