Sustainability Matters

As Earth Day approaches, my thoughts turn to what we are doing to our planet, our home. For some time I’ve wanted to help with reforestation projects and help plant more trees. Return parts of our amazing country back to its leafy origins. To help protect those ancients forests that sustain so much natural life and can teach us so much.

I have always had a love of trees. Walking through forests, copses, elm trees lining a road, Pine firs bordering a moor, the horse chestnut tree in my backgarden (even through all its seasons!), a single oak tree in all it magnificent glory! Even the local cemetary which has many ebautirul specimens.

It’s so peaceful walking through nature, listening to the swish of leaves, the odd woodpecker or some energetic birdsong! That blackbird certainly has some lungs. But if we don’t protect our forests, nurture the trees, our children won’t get to enjoy the natural world in the way we do.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

With my Sentinal series books being based around a magical sentinal tree which protected the Lady’s guards for thousand of years, it seems only right that these books should should also protect and give back to the environment.

So I’ve decided to donate 20p for every ebook or print book I sell. This includes all my books, both the Epic Fantasy Sentinal series and the Fantasy Romance SoulMist series.

In the UK it costs £5.00 to plant a tree so for every twenty-five books I sell, we’ll plant a tree between us.

You can follow our progress on my sustainability page and see how many trees we’ve planted. Share the word, buy a book and help plant a tree!

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