Author Interview – Amey Ziegler

Author of The Swiss Mishap

Today we meet contemporary romance author Amey Ziegler, the author of The Swiss Mishap and the companion novel Swiss Mistletoe and Macaroons which releases in December.

Helen: Welcome Amey. It is such a pleasure to chat with you. Tell us about what you ahve been working on. You have a few books coming out, don’t you?

Amey: I have a bunch of WIP and books coming out soon! My first book coming out comes out this December. Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons is a companion novel to my award-winning rom-com The Swiss Mishap. Then I have Wylder Bride coming Feb 28th. This is a Cyrano de Bergerac meets Mail-order bride meets the Wild West. It’s part of a Wylder West series with multiple author series across many genres.

Helen: You have been very busy! Tell us about the cover of your new book.

Amey: Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons has Jean-Marc on the cover in his chef uninformed. He’s a pastry chef who is used to having his own way. I’ve enclosed an easy recipe for macarons that anyone can make.

Wylder Bride has a barn burning and a train on the cover because it’s an action adventure western romance. Maisie comes west but her train is robbed. She must meet the man writing the letter to the man she loves but she doesn’t know she’s fallen in love with the wrong guy.

Helen: Writing different genres must be such fun, and I am sure there is plenty of romance in there. What made you start writing?

Amey: I started out as a reader. I spent many hours of my childhood curled up with a book. I loved reading Nancy Drew. I wanted to create other stories. When I was in my early 30s I decided to peruse writing seriously.

Helen: Reading is so important to inspire new writers, the more you read, the more your imagination goes wild. Where do you find the ideas for your books?

Amey: Ideas are all around us. I find mine my through personal experience. I’m working on a trio of billionaire romances. I just finished book 2. It was inspired by my undergrad degree in Communication. The two main characters are working on a relationship study at the University of Arizona.

Helen: They do say write what you know about. What is the most useful peice of writing advice you’ve received?

Amey: I read a book early in my study that said hard work is more important than talent. That was encouraging because when I first started out I wasn’t sure if I was talented. You know the saying in order to master a skill you must do it for 10k hours. That’s so true for writing. I wrote every day for two-four hours for eight years before I found a publisher for my first book.

Helen: Do you find you plan out your writing, or do you let it take you where it will? Are you a Planner or Pantser?

Amey: I consider myself a plantser which is a mix of the two. I do figure out a few key items about my character. I have major turning points plotted but in between I discovery write. It’s my process and it’s working for me 😀 every writer does it differently ans that’s okay.nd non-fiction ever since.

Helen: As a writer, do you have time to enjoy other hobbies/activities to get your creative juices going?

Amey: Being a mom is a full time job so it’s hard to find time for hobbies. However because I treat writing as a career I do try to find ways to do things with my kids. One thing I do is  see charity quilts with my kids. They help me pick out colors and help me iron.

Helen: Most writers also read. What is your favourite book?

Amey: I love the Princess Bride. It’s got humor, action, intrigue and love.

Helen: Thank you so much for joining me today, Amey. Just one last question, what advice would you give to new writers just starting out.

Amey: Write. A lot of people want to talk about their cool ideas. Write them. Also study the craft. Get better.

About the Author:

Amey Zeigler loves writing clean and steamy-clean romance with adventure and comedy. 

She enjoys working out, yoga, being a mom of three kids, sewing and making movies.

The Swiss Mishap won the 2019 Swoony for Best New Adult Romance and third place in 2020 OCCRWA Book Buyer’s Best Contest.

Amey lives near Austin, TX. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ameyzeigler and sign up for her newsletter at

You can find more about Amey via:

Author website



You can purchase Amey’s books from Amazon:

The Swiss Mishap

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