Realm of Darkness Anthology is now live!

It’s Launch day! And now the Realm of Darkness anthology has downloaded to your eReader of choice! You have 35 full length fantasy books to choose from! Which one will you read first?

You could take this quiz and see which book is recommended for you.

If you haven’t purchased the boxset yet, there is still time. You can still take advantage of the special preorder price of 99c, though that price will go up after launch week. So grab it now. It’s less than a cup of kafinee as Birlerion would say. (Check out my Sentinal series to meet Birlerion!)

As a thank you for buying the boxset, you can download a free reading planner, so you track the books you’ve read in the boxset and your star rating!!

If you have spotify, you can listen to the Realm of Darkness Playlist, and enjoy the music that inspired the authors to write their books.

My contribution to the boxset is SoulBreather, book one of the SoulMist series. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, so please do leave a review.

The Sentinal series


If you fall in love with the shadows, does that mean you are fallen too?

A dying angel. A fractured realm. The SoulBreather who might be able to save them both. 

Solanji has a secret. One that is becoming increasingly difficult to keep. She can touch souls and see into a person’s inner thoughts. Soulbreathing is exhilarating and addictive, until the day Solanji caresses the wrong person’s soulmist. 

Dragged into a long forgotten angelic mystery, she is forced to venture into Eidolon, the godforsaken last resort for those without souls. In order to save her brother, she must rescue a broken and tortured man. Can she save him from the shadows? Does he even want to be saved? And can she find a way to return to the light before the darkness engulfs them both?

SoulBreather is the first book in the Romantic Fantasy SoulMist series.

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