Realm of Darkness Author Spotlight – Fire Soldier by J.A Culican

It’s Launch day!! Realm of Darkness is now live!! I hope you found it on your eReader this morning.

Some gorgeous covers have been revealed over the last few weeks for the Realm of Darkness Anthology and I still haven’t got through them all. On Launch day, I am delighted to share J.A Culican’s Fire Soldier.

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Anthology.

Have you ordered your copy yet for the insane special preorder price of 99c?  I can’t wait to read these wonderful books. See some of the covers revealed so far here

Fire Soldier
The gods will fall. Crash. Burn. Even if it means Xira’s death.  

When Ares betrayed Zeus, he was transformed into a mortal. Aphrodite offered him one last secret gift: the fire of her broken heart. Ares took that fire and created his own empire and people. The first ones to live in the Empire of Fire were named Fire Soldiers and they were the offspring of Ares. 
Each offspring is born with a cursed trait. A weakness the Gods instilled to keep the Fire Soldiers in check. A leash to control those who were born to serve. But Xira isn’t interested in serving. She wants revenge, control and most importantly vengence. 
When Ares is slayed, Xira knows it’s time. All her training, all her sweat and fury and loyalty… all of them will be used to take the throne of Gods.  
Can Xira band the Fire Soldiers together in time or will the Empire of Fire fall. 

Order Realm of Darkness Boxset

Only available as part of the Realm of Darkness Boxset available for order now on Amazon and other retailers for only 99c!

About the Author:

J.A. Culican is a USA Today Bestselling author of the middle grade fantasy series Keeper of Dragons. Her first novel in the fictional series catapulted a trajectory of titles and awards, including top selling author on the USA Today bestsellers list and Amazon, and a rightfully earned spot as an international best seller. Additional accolades include Best Fantasy Book of 2016, Runner-up in Reality Bites Book Awards, and 1st place for Best Coming of Age Book from the Indie book Awards.

J.A. Culican holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Niagara University, in which she has been teaching special education for over 13 years. She is also the president of the autism awareness non-profit Puzzle Peace United. J.A. Culican resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband and four young children.

For more information about J.A. Culican visit her website and follow her on Facebook.

Other books by J.A Culican

Keeper of Dragons, The Prince Returns : Keeper of Dragons Book 1

Amazon UK: eBook | Paperback | Audiobook

Amazon US: eBook | Paperback | Audiobook

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