Writing Challenge #12DaysOfTurvy Day Nine: Gifts

The characters are from Sentinals Banished, the 5th book in the Sentinal series- though these events are all made up for the #12DaysOfTurvywriting challenge and are out of sequence and do not exist in the book.


Leyarille is Jerrol and Taelia’s daughter, born at the beginning of Book 4, Sentinals Across time. She is now 17, as is Jared, Alyssa and Jennery’s second son.

Marianille and Birlerion are Sentinals, and step-brother/Step-sister.

Niallerion is a sentinal and Marianille’s husband.

Dec. 9: Gifts

Year End Eve arrived, and Marianille’s home was a bustle of activity. Fronds of greenery lined the window, interspersed with the red holly berries and pine cones. She had proudly hung her wreath on the front door to great applause and now Jared and Leyarille were laying the table ready for the great feast which Niallerion was busy cooking.

Later the house would be full of friends and Sentinals, but first, the rich aroma of roasting meat mingled with the youngster’s rising excitement. This being their first Year End away from home, she wanted it to be memorable.

As the day progressed, small parcels wrapped in cloth, and tied in colourful ribbons appeared on the table. The excitement in the air ratcheted up a notch and Marianille laughed when Birlerion arrived and he was as quietly excited as Jared and Leyarille. He had never lost his sense of wonder at the celebrations, especially as he had celebrated so few of them as a child.

It finally got to the point where Niallerion clapped his hands. “Calm down. If you don’t all sit now, I am cancelling dinner.” 

Laughter rang around the room. After all his efforts in the kitchen, there was no way he would cancel dinner, but the threat worked and everyone sat around the fire and relaxed for a moment.

Marianille leaned forward and touched Leyarille’s shoulder and then Jared’s knee. “Before our friends arrive, we wanted to share a moment with you both. We’ve loved having you here, and we are so glad we had the opportunity to get to know you better before you join the rangers.” She smiled at them. “You are both about to start a new chapter of your life and we wanted to send you off with our love and best wishes.”

“Hear, hear,” Niallerion said.

“So,” Birlerion continued, “we got you both a little surprise.” He placed a bundle in Leyarille’s and then Jared’s hands.“These are from the three of us, to remind you that no matter where you are, we love and support you, and that we will protect you, always.” His voice was a little gruff as he finished speaking, but the exclamations from Leyarille and Jared, as they unravelled the bundle and revealed a pair of finely balanced daggers, the blades etched with swirls around a tall tree on one, and a crescent moon on the other.

“These are beautiful,” Leyarille said, her silver eyes gleaming.

“They are perfect,” Jared’s voice was just as gruff as Birlerion’s, and Marianille smiled, satisfied.

Leyarille looked up at the Sentinals. “Thank you,” she said, her voice soft and then she launched to her feet and hugged each of them close, Jared not far behind her.

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