Writing Challenge #12DaysOfTurvy Day Ten: Holiday Dinner

The characters are from Sentinals Banished, the 5th book in the Sentinal series- though these events are all made up for the #12DaysOfTurvywriting challenge and are out of sequence and do not exist in the book.


Leyarille is Jerrol and Taelia’s daughter, born at the beginning of Book 4, Sentinals Across time. She is now 17, as is Jared, Alyssa and Jennery’s second son.

Marianille and Birlerion are Sentinals, and step-brother/Step-sister.

Niallerion is a sentinal and Marianille’s husband.

Dec. 10: Holiday Dinner

Niallerion cleared his throat. “Dinner is almost ready so open the rest of your gifts and I’ll bring it out.”

   “Oh good,” Jared said. “That wonderful smell has been making my stomach growl all morning.”

Birlerion laughed. “When does is not?” He moved to the table and picked up a small bundle. “For you,” he said, handing it to Leyarille. “May all your dreams be fulfilled in the New Year.”

Leyarille quickly opened it, folding up the deep green ribbon. “Oh,” she exclaimed, unrolling the pouch and the contents inside. She admired the comb, and quickly smoothed her hair back and tied it with the ribbon. Uncorking the phial she applied the scent liberally and grinned.

“The pouch is waterproof, so you can keep all your necessities safe in it when you are on the road.”

“It’s wonderful, thank you, Birlerion. She leaned up to kissed his cheek, and then placed a package in his hands. “Your turn.”

His nimble fingers untied the bundle and he gasped as the etched buckle was revealed. Birlerion immediately unbuckled his old belt and replaced it with the new one. “It’s perfect,” he said, a wide smile on his face. Leyarille grinned back in relief.

After everyone had exclaimed over their gifts, Marianille cleared a space on the table and Niallerion brought in the goose.

Jared was the first to sit, his eyes huge as he watched the progress of the roasted bird to the centre of the table. He inhaled deeply and Marianille laughed at him. She hurried out to bring in the vegetables and everyone sat. Holding hands, silence fell as Birlerion gave thanks for their friendship, good health and for Niallerion for cooking the meal.

Niallerion rose and began carving the goose as dishes were passed around. Laughter and happy voices filled the air, and Niallerion grinned and raised his glass at Birlerion. His home was a happy haven full of new found family and friends, and he couldn’t be happier.

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