Author Interview – J A Crawshaw

Author of The View Beyond.

Today, I am pleased to welcome Women’s Fiction author J.A Crawshaw to talk to us about his latest novel The View Beyond which releases on May 25th, 2023. You can find it in on preorder here and on Kindle Unlimited from release day.

Helen: Welcome John. I am so excited to meeet you and that we get to chat about your new book today!! Congratulations on the forthcoming release. Tell us about The View Beyond.

John: THE VIEW BEYOND is the 2nd book in my Life Changing Women’s Fiction series. It is the sequel to THE SWING. Charlotte’s return to a normal life, full of happiness and love is turned upside down when an unscrupulous man leaves her destitute.

Will she crumble under the harsh reality of heartbreak, loneliness and despair? or earn the acceptance of the new people around her, confront her adversaries and look beyond her old life to seek a second chance of fulfilment and true love?

Her quest for the truth reveals shock results and in challenging her own beliefs and capabilities, establishes a true resilience and discovers that happiness might just be where you least expect it.

The view beyond might seem out of reach, but could be utterly life changing

Helen: Congratulations on publishing your second book in the series. What inspired your cover?

John: The cover idea came to me when I thought about a sign which could be left after someone had gone and could reappear. Once the concept of the love heart within the condensation of the window was set, I then incorporated it into the story. It didn’t exist before!

Helen: That is such a great insight into your thinking. I love that you then went on to incorporate it in the story. How about the title? How did decide on that?

John: I wanted there to be a place in which my protagonist could visit in her mind, when she most needed to. A low point in her life. Somewhere which previously seemed out of reach, but as she finds more inner strength, is able to look beyond her current situation and discover qualities, capabilities and dreams she didn’t expect. A physical view, but also a subconscious and emotional view. A gateway to true happiness and inner wellbeing.

Helen: I know you didn’t start writing until later in life, much like me. What made you write this particular book?

John: THE SWING was only ever meant to be a stand-alone book. Then readers started asking me about a sequel. There were no plans, but again and again, feedback was that people wanted to find out what happens to Peter, and Charlotte. So, I wrote it and I’m so glad I did. I had fun developing the story and felt I had so much more freedom to take them on a new adventure.

Helen: Having readers so engaged with your story and your characters is the greatest feeling, isn’t it? When did you realise you had a passion for writing?

John: My writing journey is quite unique. I had never written anything or even read a novel, before one night, waking up and started to write one. I was 50 years old and had spent a lifetime scared of words and reading due to debilitating dyslexia. Now I love it so much, I just can’t stop.

Helen: I am so glad you persevered. Writing is such a joy and being able to share our creations and entertain others is a wonderful feeling. You are an inspiration to those who also struggle with dyslexia and show that it is possible to enjoy your passion. What made you choose to write Women’s Fiction?

John: I didn’t choose to write women’s fiction and romance. It chose me. I’m a romantic for sure, and I’m fascinated by life, the possibilities and the people within it. I’m not a scifi man or a crime/fantasy fan, so write what comes naturally to me. What is more exciting than love and romance, especially with plot twists, deep passion, and intrigue?

Helen: What is your writing style? Do you plan the whole plot in advance or make it up as you go?

John: I’m a Pantser. 100%. I never start at the beginning, and I usually start with a sentence or a conversation between two people and let the characters take me where they want to go. I write from my sub-conscious and just let it unfold and thrill me as I write.

Helen: Thank you so much for joining me today, John. Good luck with your forthcoming launch. Just to close us out, tell us the best thing that has happened to you since you began writing.

John: The two best things to happen to me are, meeting so many incredible fans and fellow authors. Their feedback and love is quite overwhelming and I value these connections greatly.

It has also enabled me to break away from my dyslexic shackles and become free. Free to express myself and free to be me. Not perfect by any means, but able to be confident in who I am. Something not easy for anyone with self-esteem issues associated with dyslexia.

About the Author:

J A Crawshaw

J A Crawshaw was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1969.

Writing romance is a passion for him. ‘Life is all about the connections we have with others and ourselves. Relationships are never straightforward, but always fascinating to me, and I love sharing my stories with my readers.’

A suspense romance. The Swing is a nostalgic and intriguing foray into the differences of the English class system. Charlotte and Peter battle with many external pressures but hope that an earthy, deep connection, shared experiences and passion in the bedroom will win through for them.

J A is currently working on the sequel to The Swing and also a romantic trilogy, based in an English coastal town and specifically the secrets of a boathouse hideaway.

You can find him on:



You can purchase the first book The Swing here:

Link to book on Amazon UK: eBook | Paperback | Hardcover

Link to book on Amazon US: eBook | Paperback | Hardcover

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